Mister Mittens was a seemingly normal cat. A fuzzy gray coat, enjoying a mild bowl of milk. However... he was weaponized by scientists and received cybernetic implants in his brain, leading him to become more intelligent and aware of the actual life he was given. 

In fact... Mister Mittens is nothing but a cloned experiment. In a rage, he makes the bold decision to escape and put his brothers and sisters out of their misery, by shooting them in the head.

Help Mister Mittens reach the next floor of the science facility by collecting keys and killing the other prototype kitten weaponry !

arrow keys / wasd to move, aim and shoot with mouse 

Collect keycards in the corridors, bring them to the computer in the central room. You can teleport back to the central room to avoid backtracking (might be removed in the future and have cats respawn instead, to make it a little bit more spicy ;) )

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