Brave Sir Javalon was summoned by the king to climb the tower of Doom, where an old hag had locked up the princess. Dreaming of a bride as per many a stories told, the knight took the challenge and climbed the thousands of flights of stairs... 

But once he had reached the top, he soon realized the witch had everyone fooled. The enchanted tower was endless and the stairs started to fade away under the hero's feet... 

With only one option remaining, Sir Javalon jumped out the window and started to skate the monster infested vines on the outside of the tower, trying to reach the bottom and safety...


| Key | Function | 
| -------- | -------- | 
| LEFT ARROW   | Slow down or rotate when airborn    |
| RIGHT ARROW   | Speed up or rotate when airborn    |
| UP ARROW   | Normal jump    |
| SPACEBAR   | Ultimate jump  (when air meter is filled up)   |
| LEFT CONTROL | Attack obstacles and monsters |

Extra info

  • Your shield will take damage, but it also regenerates over time !
  • Use your sword (left ctrl) to destroy obstacles and enemies before crashing into them
  • Try to save your ultimate air for when you are skating at high speed, it will lead to more points !
  • The more rotation you can pull off during air time, the more points you receive
  • If you wonder how I was able to wrap the entire game on a cillinder :
    --> The game is actually completely 2D, but I used a secondary camera that rendered the image to a texture. Then I applied said texture onto a cillinder 3D object ! This was pretty experimental, which also caused some of the sprites to look off scale (which they are in a way).

Missing Features

As always, scope creep is a very nasty thing especially during game jams. There was the intention (the spritework is already in the game files actually) to have "Ultimate Air" time give key combinations and options for various stunts and tricks. Due to time constraints (and me doing this SOLO) this was ultimately removed.

A leaderboard was also scheduled, but removed in the end.


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Fun!! Cool idea!